Reflection of My Vocation


(Jesus’ love always urges me in my vocation)

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but may have eternal life” (John 3:16).

Jesus came to the world to do the salvation, which is ordered by God to Him for the lives of all human, which are noblest creations. Jesus took a part in our life not only in our happiness but also in our sadness. He willingly gave His life to redeem the human’s sins.

A priest is ordained to continue the work of Christ in the world. By the ordination, the priest became a representative of God, just like Jesus himself. The task of priest is to save people by sacrificing himself. Jesus has showed this by dying on the cross. The priest brings God and His salvation to the world and in the name of the people he presents their offerings and leads them to God.

Scripture tells the meaning of priest. First, the priest is a disciple. To be disciple means to be “called” as the first companions of Jesus were called. Second, the priest is an apostle. To be an apostle means to be “sent”, as the original apostles were sent. Third, the priest calls a presbyter. The presbyter is person who responsible for the pastoral care of the Churches. And the fourth, the priest presides at the Eucharist.

Walter Burghardt, the writer of ‘what is a priest’ told that there is a crisis in priesthood. Each year, thousands of priests are leaving the priesthood. Should I say “What a shame!” about that? Maybe not! The priests are still human. No body is perfect. The priest is not a superstar. They faced many challenges and obstacles.

Jesus becomes an example for all the priests. His passion describes how big His love for His flock. His passion is the crest of His duties in the world, and by that passion, he wants to tell us that “There is no greater love than this, to give One’s life to One’s friend.” (John 15:13).

The priests had received the priesthood sacrament. It means that they had received the Christ’s duties to bring the Gospel and to bring the salvation for human. By the ordination, the priest became mediator of God and human. He became the representative of God in this world.

To be a priest means to be a partner of Jesus. To follow Jesus is not easy. I have to “deny myself and take up my cross everyday”. But by doing so, I can share His love to others.

Every person has his own vocation. But I know that my vocation to be a priest is a holy vocation. It is given by Christ himself. I have been in seminary for four years. I just want to say that this vocation is not an easy thing to be did. I faced many challenges. In Poesis, I have almost been eliminated from here because my own fault. But I know that God always steps beside me. He attends by staffs, teachers, and friends and He also attends by their words, warning, greeting, and punishment.

In my vocation as candidate of priest, I believe that Jesus always works in me. By His love, I got new spirit. In other word, Jesus always loves His flock and because of that, He came to the world. He always stays in me and in every person. “The word has made flash and dwelt among us


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