By. Harly Kaunang

Nowadays, in Indonesia many people are busy with candidacies to become governor, majors, and regents. Each candidate trying hard, so he could be elected. This phenomenon illustrates that leadership is very important in a community.

The leaders are people who encourage and mobilize others to cooperate in an effort to reach a common goal. A leader must have confidence and skills to organize the members of the group or community. Now the question is how to become a good leader?

  1. Leaders must have initiative

Initiative is very important thing for every leader. The leader has to do various things without prompting by others. He must be more active than others. He has to be able to see the situation around him. In addition, he also has to direct the members of the community to do something about it.

  1. Leaders should be role models

The leader must become an example for all the members of the community. He has to “stand in front”. Each member of a group will always give special attention to their leader. In other word, the leader’s attitude is very important in leading others. Therefore, he should always pay attention to his attitude. He has to be honest, fair, responsible, wise, etc.

  1. A leader must be able to cooperate

To achieve the objectives of his group, everyone must cooperate. The leader can not work alone. He must work together with all the members of his group and he also must be able to raise the morale of his members, when they are facing difficulties.

  1. A leader must be able to become a promoter

The leader must be able to encourage his members. In a community, everyone will encounter problems. In such situation, the leader must try to find out these difficulties and he also must be able to help them to solve their problems.

In the seminary, every seminarian prepares to become priests. A priest is a leader. He is ordained to be a shepherd. The priest must shepherd his flock. The priest or the leader must always seek to know his flock. He has to know the condition and difficulties experienced by his flock.

Jesus Christ is the true shepherd. He becomes an example for everyone. He willingly gave his life for His sheep. He has a great love for all people. He does not behave as an authoritarian leader, but He is a leader who always loves us.

A leader is not born but made. Therefore, one aspect of the education in the seminary is “leadership”. Leadership is especially required from the students of Rhetorica class. In this aspect, the seminarians are trained to carry out their duties properly and responsibly. To lead means not only to direct others, but also to direct ourselves. Therefore, discipline is very important. Discipline is not only obeying rules, but is regulating your own. Rules are tools to train discipline. In other words, before we lead others, we must organize ourselves first.


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